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Professional Disaster Prevention

or Recovery Program ("PD-PRP") 

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As of 2020, "PDPRP" (pronounced PD-PREP) has partnered up with Turnkey Ventures, Inc. via Education is Cool-Get one (EIC-GO), order to provide professionals with key personal and professional disaster prevention and recovery resources  so that they will be able to prevent major personal and career pitfalls or successfully recovery from already experienced faux-pas. 

This program can be customized for all types of professionals, particularly:

  1. Deans & Executives  

  2. Law and Medical Students

  3. Young Lawyers and Doctors

  4. Seasoned/Experienced Lawyers

  5. Embattled Lawyers,

  6. Aspiring Law Students

  7. Other Professionals

  8. Highly-Stressed Professionals

  9. Accountants

  10. Airline Pilots etc. 

Every year there is a plethora of gifted professionals who will have so egregiously or carelessly erred that they will have been admonished or had their licenses to practice revoked. The latter includes doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants and other practitioners. Likewise, many will have never gotten a license at all because of previous professional or private faux-pas!  


Mr. Hill, the founder of this program used to be one of them. He created his program after reaching the highest of heights at a very young age only to watch it all disappear due to not having a disaster prevention plan. Mr. Hill's accolades include but are not limited to first Black to graduate from the University of Florida with a JD and an MBA concurrently; top attorney at a major university (at one-point second in line to the University President), overseer of major constructional projects, and ample highly acclaimed work with the CIA and FBI all at a young age. Yet, due to seemingly harmless errors, he placed himself in positions to lose it all and in turn learn to find balance via God and family, and rebuild himself to a lovely but now righteous life. However, many others will not have been lucky. Some will not have had a wife like his, and a support system like he did and certainly not a tenacious will not to quit as he did. However, there are certain key recovery tools that can help one rebuild and become yet stronger "multidimensionally". 


The A.C. HIll II PDPRP program will equip each learner with the following:

  1. AC Hill’s highly acclaimed book (As shown below)as an exhilarating case study that every professional must read before entering private practice;

  2. Key professional faux-pas prevention tools and/or resources;

  3. First access to an imminent movie that will be based on the book.

Your membership / support of this program will also act as a fundraiser to keep this program available and prevent a plethora of current young and seasoned professionals of all walks of life from losing their careers, families, freedoms and even lives. 


To register to help yourself or your students or practitioners participate in this program please contact us at:



Phone: (773) 372-9656 or

       (407) 955-3534


To say that his professional-and-life-story-based program has been changing both professional and private lives is an understatement. It changed mine. The professional responsibility courses taught in most programs are clearly not sufficient as evidenced by the board professional responsibility reports.

Your students and licensed professionals need this program... it will change your lives as well. This is highly recommended at the end of  the mandated professional responsibility courses.


Don’t deprive any one in your circle from the chance to be professionally empowered! Email or call to learn how you can participate TODAY!


i. Silver

   - 1 Appearance Per Year

   - 5 Books

ii. Gold

   - 2 Appearances Per Year

   - 10 Books

iii. Platinum

   - 3 Appearances Per Year

   - 20 Books


Pete Lorins, PhD, JD, MDc

Membership Liaison


Education is Cool-

Get One(EICGO) Inc.

Phone: (773) 372-9656


* All Checks Payable to "EICGO" for Tax Deductibility Purposes.

Please Click on the Image for for More Information and to ORDER the Book

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You or your students or your friends and colleagues will be very pleased to have been introduced to the amazing ANDERSON C. HILL II's "IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH".

It will take you on an exhilarating life-changing journey, which will teach you about self-empowerment, self-assessment, spiritual growth, career reinvention and redemption concurrently. But in the end, only THE TRUTH can set you free, and this book will lead you not only to your own truth, but also THE TRUTH! 

When you purchase this book you will get a 10% discount on this highly-acclaimed professional responsibility program that is valid for a year! Many of us will have faced major pitfalls and faux-pas out there for reasons that we failed to foresee! 



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